Course Outline

"Mission Safeguards for Impact Capital" is a pioneering online course designed to align your social enterprise's mission with the practicalities of securing impact capital. Through an in-depth exploration of effective mission and impact safeguards across key company structures, this course arms you with the necessary strategies and tools to make informed decisions that resonate with your mission's objectives.

By participating in this course, you will learn how to effectively communicate your social enterprise's value proposition to impact investors, leveraging your mission for not just capital attraction but also for long-term sustainability and growth. This hands-on approach is designed to build confidence in navigating the complex landscape of social entrepreneurship, ensuring your enterprise not only attracts the right kind of investment but also maintains its mission integrity throughout its growth journey.

By the end of this course, you will

Understand the opportunities and challenges

Understand the intricacies of mission locks, corporate structure, governance, ownership, control, and decision-making in relation to impact capital. We'll demystify the jargon around mission locks, governance, and decision-making processes, so you feel equipped to navigate these waters smoothly, keeping your mission's integrity in the spotlight.

Apply the tools best for
your business

Be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit for simplifying business decisions while adhering to your social or environmental mission. This toolkit is your go-to, helping you to align your everyday choices with the bigger picture of your mission. This is about making sure your values are actually driving your business forward.

Implement safeguards aligned with your stakeholders

Get a deeper understanding of how mission safeguards can be effectively implemented within your organization to attract and retain the right impact investors. By understanding how to implement these safeguards, you will be better positioned to foster long-term relationships with investors who are genuinely aligned with your values, ensuring a stable and supportive financial foundation for your enterprise.

Why are Mission Safeguards important for changemakers?

Mission safeguards are mechanisms, legal structures, and policies designed

to protect and perpetuate a company's core mission and values, especially

during growth, transition, or ownership changes. They ensure that a company

remains true to its founding principles, regardless of external pressures or

internal changes.

Benefits of Implementing Mission Safeguards

Long-term Mission Alignment

Ensures the company's mission remains central, guiding future growth and decision-making.

Enhanced Stakeholder Trust

Builds confidence among customers, employees, and investors in the company's commitment to its values.

Attracting Impact Investors

Appeals to funders interested in supporting businesses with a clear, safeguarded mission.

Who is this suitable for?

  • Visionary social entrepreneurs and founders who are determined to build and scale their enterprises without losing sight of their mission.
  • Individuals or entities looking to invest in businesses that offer not only financial returns but also contribute positively to society or the environment.
  • Professional advisors, mentors and lawyers who guide social enterprises through their growth journey. 
  • Anyone Interested in social impact - individuals passionate about making a difference through business and investment practices.

Whether you're at the early stages of conceptualizing your social enterprise or looking to refine your approach to impact investing, this course provides the insights and tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of mission-driven entrepreneurship.


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  Introduction to Mission Safeguards and Social Enterprises
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About the expert

I am Raluca Lara Radu, Founder and Managing Director of the LegallySaid Accelerator, whose mission is to help investors and social entrepreneurs build resilient, impact-focused companies and increase the reach of impact capital.

I’ve spent my career supporting ambitious social entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, making investing more sustainable and inclusive, and reshaping the legal profession to better serve the transformation of our economies.

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As you consider joining us for the "Mission Safeguards for Impact Capital" course, we invite you to explore further resources from real-world experiences and insights by our course creator. These materials are designed to complement your learning journey and offer practical advice on navigating the complexities of mission-driven growth and financing.

Free Monthly Webinars

Each session is designed to introduce you to the spectrum of mission safeguarding tools, from fundamental concepts to sophisticated strategies that pave the way for scaling your impact. Through engaging with industry experts, interactive Q&A sessions, and real-world applications, you'll get a taste of what 'Mission Safeguards for Impact Capital' offers.
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Free Downloadable Resource

"The Mission Safeguarding Guide" is an invaluable starting point and it offers:

Essential Strategies Summary

Steps for Implementing Mission Protection

Mission Safeguards Implementation Roadmap

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Ad-Hoc Paid Coaching

Opt for a 1.5-hour one-on-one coaching session at an exclusive price of EUR 100 for changemakers. This session is designed to further unpack your mission toolbox self-assessment, offering personalized strategies and action steps to enhance your impact investing journey.

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How to Grow a Company with

Impact at Heart and Raise Over

€50 Million

Delve into the personal journey of our course creator through an enlightening article that outlines the steps, challenges, and triumphs of growing a company with a commitment to its mission. It provides an inside look at securing substantial funding while keeping the impact at the core of business operations. Whether you're at the seed stage or scaling your enterprise, this article offers valuable perspectives and lessons learned from the front lines of impact entrepreneurship.

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