Discover over 800 impact-first startups and connect with more than 700 investors worldwide through ImpactView. This non-profit initiative provides a clear overview of startups innovating in and VCs, funds and angel investors supporting sectors such as Health, Mobility, Energy, Food, and Fintech.

Why we created the ImpactView?

At the core of our mission to drive positive change globally, ImpactView was born from the feedback of impact startups struggling to find investors who grasp and champion their vision. On the other hand, investors frequently face challenges in identifying startups aligned with their values and objectives. The Impactview bridges this gap, facilitating meaningful connections between impact-driven startups and investors who share their mission.


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By launching ImpactView, we aim to build a community of founders and investors working towards a better future, together! If you share this mission, feel free to join us.

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