We understand the challenges changemakers face in today's global market especially when planning to expand to potential new markets.

That's why we've designed a comprehensive journey that goes beyond conventional business support. If you want to explore the Dutch market as a non European startup, you need a Startup visa that will allow you to relocate to The Netherlands. To obtain a Dutch Startup Visa, you need to join a support programme offered by a certified facilitator.

Visa Support with Basecamp
Incubator by WorldStartup

Unlike traditional programmes, we focus on community-driven learning. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts who are passionate about helping your startup thrive.

Build lasting connections with a diverse network of professionals, potential partners, and investors. The Netherlands is your launchpad to a vast European market.

Gain firsthand insights into new markets. Our programmes facilitate market exploration, helping you understand the nuances of doing business in Europe.

With the Basecamp contract and acceptance from WorldStartup as a facilitator for no added costs, you can start your application process for a startup visa.

€ 1.500 (ex. VAT) for 12 months for Programme Support

€ 0 (ex. VAT) for Visa Guidance

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Visa Support with Next Valley Business
Coaching by Frank & the Backs

Are you experienced? In that case, Frank is your partner. Never mind the training. Work with a senior business coach on your market access and growth plan. Hands-on and results-driven.

For an additional cost of €560 (ex. VAT) per founder OR €810 per family (ex. VAT), you can apply for visa support. During the visa application, the relocation, and the business coaching you will receive guidance on: legal setup, taxation, finding an address, registration, medical and educational resources, and partnerships with co-working office spaces as and when needed.

€ 6.000 (ex. VAT) (12 months) for Business Coaching

€ 560 (ex. VAT) / € 810 (ex. VAT) for Visa Support

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