Starting a new venture involves risks and uncertainties. Many early-stage startups fail to unlock their full potential because they lack guidancementorship, and resources.

When you join Basecamp, you unlock access to various tailored resources and experts that will help you navigate product development and redevelopment until you reach the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)stage with the help of our Impact Mentor Community. You will also become part of a large community of like-minded changemakers that support each other on their journey.

Startup Visa as part of Basecamp

The Basecamp Incubator enables you to apply for a startup visa. Note: you will need to do the application yourself. With the Basecamp contract and acceptance from WorldStartup as a facilitator, you can start your journey to immerse yourself in the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of The Netherlands.

Check out the requirements and tips for visa support

Enrol for this Programme if...

  • You're an aspiring impact entrepreneur seeking tangible progress in your startup journey.
  • You desire individualised guidance and support to unleash your maximum potential.
  • You are dedicated to creating a meaningful impact and contributing to a fair and sustainable future through your impactful venture.
  • You want to join a community of like-minded changemakers who understand your challenges and can provide peer-to-peer support.
  • You're prepared to invest in your personal growth and success as an entrepreneur.

Upcoming Themed Basecamps


The GovTech Basecamp Incubator helps people who want to make positive changes in how the government works. They focus on finding better ways for the government to interact with the public and run its operations. Their goal is to create solutions that make government more efficient, fair, and open, while improving services for citizens.

Biodiversity & Sensing

Our Biodiversity Basecamp Incubator supports early-stage ventures focused on biodiversity challenges. This edition, we're prioritising projects using sensing technology to understand ecosystems and monitor biodiversity changes over time for informed decision-making.

Social, Circular & Sustainable Makers

This Basecamp supports individuals dedicated to revolutionising how products are made. We're committed to discovering innovative methods for minimising environmental impact and promoting social equality throughout the production process. Our mission is to support solutions that redefine industry standards, fostering sustainability and inclusivity.

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What others say...

The Basecamp Programme allowed me to get my business idea out of my head and in a form that makes sense, it allowed me to examine the viability of the idea and market. The resources and, most importantly, the mentor support provided by WorldStartup helped me focus and critically examine the idea.

by Dr. Sinead Hewson, Founder, Unconventional Doctorates


What is VAT (BTW) in price?

Pricing is shown based on your location and local tax. For The Netherlands, the displayed amount includes VAT (BTW) and it can be deducted by company accounts.

What makes Basecamp different from other incubator programmes?

Basecamp stands out with its impact-focused approach, combining tailored resources, mentorship, and a supportive community to guide you from ideation to MVP and beyond.

What kind of mentorship can I expect at Basecamp?

Basecamp offers a diverse pool of mentors, each with expertise in different aspects of impact entrepreneurship. They provide personalised guidance to address your specific challenges.

Is Basecamp suitable for solo entrepreneurs or only for teams?

Basecamp welcomes both solo entrepreneurs and teams. Our resources and community are designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and groups.

How can Basecamp help me if I'm struggling with funding my startup?

Basecamp equips you with insights on fundraising strategies, connects you with mentors experienced in securing funding, and offers valuable tips to make your venture more attractive to investors.